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Path Object
Build required N.A.
Version required 0.3.48

Path objects allow you to create a path to be used for animating the position of an object.

Creating a path object

In version 0.3.48 path objects are experimental but they can be used. The process of creating a new path object is still somewhat convoluted:

  1. Duplicate an existing object
  2. Change the object type to Path Object
  3. Deselect the object (required to work around crashing bug)
  4. Reselect the object
  5. Press the button labeled >
  6. Press the insert key (space key on Mac OS X) to create the first point

Adding existing points onto path objects

  1. Select a path object
  2. Click the last point in the list
  3. Press the Enter key
  4. Press the Insert key (space key on Mac OS X) to create a new point after the last point in the list

Applying the path to an object

The animation can be applied to an object using the path command, for example:

activate path MyPath1 [resetafter=] [name=] [global]

For the object to follow the path correctly the object's position must be the same as the path's origin point.


Resets the object to the beginning of the path after a period of time.
Default: Not applied
The name of the object(s) to initiate the command on (see Name for more information)
Default: Current object only
If set, this will cause a trigger (e.g. activate, adone) to initiate this command for all users have the object in view. Otherwise, the command will be initiated only for the user who activates the trigger
Default: Not set
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