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  • Following platforms are supported: Windows, Linux and macOS


  • Restriction on number of objects within each cell currently nonexistent.
  • No upper limit on scale command. Scale command does have a lower limit up to .2, however.
  • Any objects with move command can lift avatars with it, making elevators possible. The interaction is currently local, not global, however.
  • Selection menu. Hold alt/option when right-clicking to select any object under the mouse pointer, even if it's behind another object. (added 0.3.19)
  • Particle emitters are supported
  • Multi-object editor: Can edit multiple objects at once, changing model names or object actions.

Commands supported

3D Engine

Supported 3D model formats

Supported image formats

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • DDS (DXT1, DXT3, DXT5), also if stored compressed with gzip (mytexture.dds.gz)
  • GIF (first frame only for animated GIFs)
  • Zipped BMP (for masks only)

Render modes

Full feature support

  • OpenGL 4
  • DirectX 11 (Windows only)
  • Metal (macOS only)

Fallback / lower quality render modes

  • OpenGL 2 (per pixel lighting, max 32 active lights)
  • OpenGL (fixed function pipeline: vertex lighting, max 8 active lights)
  • DirectX 9 (fixed function pipeline: vertex lighting, max 8 active lights)