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Welcome to the Virtual Paradise wiki

A publicly editable resource of 305 articles related to the Virtual Paradise platform and friends.

Ground zero of Blizzard world

What is Virtual Paradise?

From the official website: Virtual Paradise is an online sandbox platform consisting of multiple, 3D worlds. In each world you can chat with others, create your own buildings and explore the environments built by other users of Virtual Paradise.

Latest client version: 0.4.6Download Now


  • Summerville - One of the most active and longest lasting cities in Blizzard
  • Ceres - An open source terrain management bot for VP.
  • Tower of Terror - Series of thrill rides that push the limits of the Virtual Paradise platform

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Versions 0.4.x

Version 0.4.9

February 18 2024

  • Option to multiply particle color with world ambient color
  • Buttons to apply terrain height, texture or rotation to multiple cells at once
  • Live update when changing terrain height, texture or rotation from object properties
  • Include VirtualParadise_No_Web.exe in installation package
  • Direct3D 11: Fix texture memory leak
  • Direct3D 11: Fix application hang when unloading textures
  • Fix particle emitter axis not showing up correctly
  • Fix crash when reading AWG files with text longer than 255 bytes
  • Fix new line characters not being read correctly from AWG files
  • Fix validation of length for model, action and description
  • Fix object not saving when deselecting a single object while multiple objects are selected
  • Fix highlighting of 'seq' command

Version 0.4.8

January 1 2024

  • Fix inaccuracy in clustered shading light assignment, which caused lighting artifacts in some cases
  • Show particle volume as bounding box
  • Show bounding rectangle for selected terrain cells
  • Gamepad support using XInput on Windows
  • Fix always falling through the floor if the first reconnection attempt fails
  • Select all objects in a 10x10m cell when holding CTRL
  • Separate VirtualParadise_No_Web.exe executable added on Windows, allowing VP to start without web support. Running this instead of the main executable might make VP run on older operating systems.
  • Update CEF to version 120
  • Fix hang at login window on Linux
  • Direct3D 9: Fix incorrect FVF value for CreateVertexBuffer, causing crash on AMD hardware
  • Direct3D 9: Change default of d3d9_white_texture to 1 (fixes rendering of opaque objects on AMD)
  • Direct3D 9: Add support for indexed drawing with base vertex. Fixes rendering of some md5mesh models.
  • Direct3D 11: Implement a texture memory budget, dropping the largest mip levels when needed (default 8192MB, controlled by texture_budget setting in the configuration file)
  • OpenGL 2: Improve shader compatibility by naming all structs, anonymous structs are not supported in GLSL
  • OpenGL 4: Fix abysmall performance on some hardware (AMD on Windows and Linux)
  • OpenGL 4: Fix incorrect color on specular highlights and dark areas on transparent surfaces
  • Vulkan: Support different primitive topologies (such as lines, fixing the selection boxes)
  • Vulkan: Fix rendering of 2D elements
  • Vulkan: Fix names/chat above avatars
  • Vulkan: Allow texture loading on background threads
  • Vulkan: Allow creating vertex buffers on background threads
  • Vulkan: Fix several validation warnings and errors
  • Vulkan: Show memory budgets in diagnostic text

Version 0.4.7

July 4 2023

  • Fix incorrect rotation for SEQ animations loaded from text-based SEQ files
  • Fix possible crash when opening the file to load a DDS texture fails
  • Fix fallback during socket connect on Windows (for example for servers with both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, and the first attempt to connect fails)
  • Adjust texture loading in Direct3D 11 renderer to workaround texture corruption on AMD graphics cards with recent drivers
  • Updated CEF to v114

Version 0.4.6

March 18 2023


  • Add mask support to particle emitter objects
  • Rectangle selection for terrain, by holding shift while pressing the arrow keys.
    • Unfortunately the selection rectangle is still invisible in this version
    • The maximum width of the rectangle to be selected is 10 by default. It can be set using the terrain_max_selection_width world setting up to a maximum of 32
  • Add support for tag= to sign command
  • Support for prelight in RWX models
  • Support normal (norm) and specular maps (map_Ks) from OBJ MTL files
  • Automatically adjust offset of md5mesh avatars and add avatarOffsetY and textOffsetY settings to allow overriding offsets
  • World option to reverse diagonals in terrain mesh (terrain_reverse_diagonals)
  • Experimental Vulkan graphics mode, still hidden from the UI. See below for more information
  • Mac: Fog support in Metal renderer
  • Mac: Set initial keyboard focus to 3D view
  • Mac: Quit the application when the last window is closed
  • Mac: Teleport to world feature
  • Mac: Position display in status bar
  • Mac: Add ability to change type for newly created objects
  • Mac: Fill current position in teleport to coordinates window


  • Fix error in OpenGL 4 shaders: Replace deprecated texture2D calls in shaders with texture (use of deprecated function was unnecessary and unintentional)
  • Fix possibly corrupted TLS connection if a lot of data is sent quickly, such as when importing a large object group
  • Fix aworld:? URLs in web pages opened with web command
  • Fix loop for MP3 sounds
  • Fix corrupted text in saved object groups for special characters
  • Fix crash when loading OBJ file with no valid faces
  • Fix SEQ not correctly preserving scale and shear
  • Fix bounding box and sphere for md5mesh models
  • Mac: Fix collapsing of sidebar in newer macOS versions
  • Mac: Fix crash when clicking on messages tab

Vulkan graphics mode

The Vulkan graphics mode is now approaching a usable state. It can be tested by setting renderer=6 in the virtualparadise.cfg file.

Here is what's new since the version described in the last blog post about it in April 2018:

  • Clustered lighting similar to Direct3D 11, GL 4.x and Metal renderers
  • Multisample anti-alias support
  • Use uniform buffers instead of push constants for modelview matrix
  • Materials
  • All blending mode variations that VP uses are now supported
  • Rendering of the 'basic' version of the gradient sky (as is also used for Direct3D 9 and OpenGL 1.x. Uses vertex colors)
  • Textures including mipmap generation and anisotropic filtering
  • Normal map materials
  • Normal map materials with a specular map
  • Lighting equations made equal to the ones used for Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 4.x (previously the light intensity was not clamped)
  • Rotated terrain textures now render correctly
  • Improved performance by reducing unnecessary updates of uniform buffers
  • Particles are now rendered with the correct depth stencil state
  • Support upload of clustered shading data using staging buffers when necessary (if a mapped buffer is not available)

Version 0.4.5

August 3 2022


  • Add sync option to animate command
  • Add teleport to world option in teleport menu
  • AppImage works on newer Linux distributions again
  • Default UI stylesheet is now VP2021
  • Improve file handling for MP3 and Opus sounds
  • OpenGL 4: Cloud texture layers in sky
  • OpenGL 4: Fix rendering of rotated terrain textures
  • OpenGL 4: Per pixel sky coloring
  • OpenGL 4: Use a sampler buffer for clusters buffer
  • Remove 16x from multisampling drop down in settings (this setting never worked)
  • Remove distance fade, since it has been broken for a while and was only supported in OpenGL 2.x mode
  • Use a larger font for chat


  • Fix crash on teleport commands that lead to different worlds
  • Fix owner not set for objects loaded from an object group file
  • Fix pressing middle mouse (scroll) button triggering a mouse down event on objects using web commands
  • Fix RWX material stack restoring incorrect material after block end
  • Fix RWX model groups not sorted for rendering opaque parts before transparent parts

Version 0.4.4

August 7 2021


  • Avatar animations on avatars using RWX models (SEQ format)
  • Support SEQ command on objects using RWX models
  • Add transparent/opaque switch for web command
  • Apply picture update= refresh on initial load
  • Handle aworld:? URL commands in browsers opened with web command
  • Non-blocking connection setup (UI stays responsive while the connection to a server is being made)
  • Add option to settings to show or hide chat above avatars
  • Add FOV (field of view) option to camera command
  • Add 'Change world setting value' option in debug menu
  • Reordered items in debug menu
  • Linux version now distributed as an AppImage


  • Fix "Disable camera command" in debug menu
  • Fix potential crashing when joining or receiving a teleport command from a bot
  • Fix updating textures (picture update=)
  • Fix bug in texture management that could cause duplicate textures loading (using more memory)
  • Fix infinite loop when TLS handshake fails (causes error dialog that keeps reappearing after closing)
  • Fix window icon on Linux
  • Fix crash in OpenGL 4 renderer when using web command
  • Fix incorrect defaults for renderer type in settings dialog on Linux
  • Fix object placeholders (black triangles) not facing camera
  • Fix selection box on particle emitters appearing at incorrect location
  • Fix crash when switching worlds while objects are still selected
  • Fix scale and shear not resetting after editing object

Version 0.4.3

September 7 2020


  • Action syntax highlighting
  • Go to named object feature in context menu of action edit
  • Interpolate camera position from physics simulation (smoother movement: see video)
  • Use save file dialog for 'Save screenshot' option in debug menu
  • Option to invert background color for highlighted messages
  • macOS: invert text color in dark mode on Mojave (10.14) and newer
  • macOS: disable automatic quote and dash substitution in action and description fields
  • Updated to Qt 5.15
  • Updated XAudio2 redist to 1.2.4
  • Updated CEF to v85


  • Fix chat text color after switching between light and dark themes
  • Fix jittery avatar animation with high frame rates
  • Fix streaming audio sources not getting cleaned up (XAudio2 only). After a certain number of played sounds no new sounds could be played.
  • Fix possible crash after login

Version 0.4.2

March 24 2020


  • Sound output using XAudio2 on Windows
  • When the world list is ordered by user count descending, still sort by name ascending for equal numbers of users
  • Update to CEF version 80


  • Fix alpha parameter for specular command not working with world light

Version 0.4.1

October 31 2019


  • New clustered shading lighting approach, removing the limit of 32 active lights. Implemented in Direct3D 11, OpenGL4 and Metal renderers.
  • Metal renderer now the default on macOS
  • New OpenGL 4 renderer
  • Special login window design for Tower of Terror: After Dark event
  • Reorganize renderer selection in settings dialog
  • Add options for frame rate limiting when VP is inactive to settings dialog
  • Use fixed width font for action input
  • Show application name and version in user context menu
  • Lock command (activate and bump triggers only)
  • Fog support in Direct3D 11 renderer
  • Updated web browser library (Chromium Embedded Framework)


  • Fix issue with loading GZIP-compressed files (the files were not closed properly, eventually nothing loads because the maximum number of open files is reached)
  • Fix race condition in unloading objects that could cause a crash
  • Fix leaking audio streams (memory and possibly file handles) that did not play until the end of the stream
  • Fix crash when the maximum number of sound sources is reached
  • Fix hanging when reconnecting to server
  • Fix specular lighting differences between OpenGL and Direct3D 11 (spot light falloff was not being applied to specular lighting in OpenGL shaders)
  • Fix particle emitter updates being delayed by 2 frames
  • Fix sound volume settings not being applied to new sounds (streaming sources only, static sources like WAV are unaffected)
  • Fix select recent objects debug action
  • Fix unable to create OpenGL context error on Linux
  • Fix incorrect Y coordinate in teleport dialog (value was offset by 0.175)
  • Fix exp2 fog mode for OpenGL 1.x renderer (exp was used instead of exp2)
  • Fix path objects not being selectable

Versions 0.3.x

Version 0.3.68

December 27 2018


  • Experimental Metal-based renderer on macOS
  • Preferences UI on macOS
  • Restore old behavior for pivot of multi-object selections
  • Debug menu: Export list of textures with name, dimensions and format


  • Fix Debian package not installing on recent versions of the Ubuntu and Linux Mint
  • Fix Debian package not installing through Ubuntu Software Center
  • Fix crash when pressing certain keys with French keyboard layout (macOS only)
  • Fix loading status window (from debug menu) not appearing if it was closed earlier
  • Fix missing UI stylesheets on Linux
  • Fix missing icons in object properties window on Linux
  • Fix move command inadvertently waiting twice the wait time at the start of the animation (when both loop and wait are used)
  • Fix particle fade in not working in some cases
  • Fix start world setting (macOS)
  • Fix world name used for terrain, invite and join being overridden by "worldname" world setting

Version 0.3.67

July 17 2018

New in this version:

  • Format date in object properties window based on the system locale
  • Use last selected object's origin and rotation as the pivot for multi-object selections (the original behavior was also broken in the previous version)
  • Support for custom cache folder location
  • Extended command support for OBJ models:
    • Normal map
    • Specular map
    • Opacity
    • Color
  • Improved libcurl based download manager
    • Time out stalled requests after 30 seconds
    • Don't write response body of failed requests to disk (404 Not Found etc.)
  • Use libcurl based download manager on Windows (instead of WinInet based downloader, the libcurl based download manager seems to be faster)
    • New cfg options: downloader=curl, downloader=wininet
  • Assign signs to group name vp_sign on OBJ and MD5Mesh models
  • Assign pictures to group name vp_picture on OBJ and MD5Mesh models
  • Apply graphics settings immediately in Direct3D 9 and 11 (without restarting)
  • When changing settings, only show the restart required warning if there are actually changed settings that can't be applied without restarting

Fixed in this version:

  • Fix incorrect UI styles on Windows
  • Fix RWX rendering groups with differing LightSampling values being merged, resulting in incorrect rendering
  • Fix specular lighting for positional lights with Direct3D 11 renderer
  • Fix crashes because of incorrect cross-thread access of model collision data
  • Fix deadlock when accessing collision object from bump triggers (non-Windows platforms)
  • Fix particle emitters disappearing because of frustum culling. Frustum culling is now disabled for particle emitters.
  • Fix invisible objects with move/rotate/path staying invisible in build mode (making them impossible to select)
  • Fix VPSDK corruption when start world entry fails, caused reconnect dialogs to appear
  • Fix crash when a RWX file contains vertex index 0 or lower
  • Fix camera rotation limits not being applied in build mode (allows rotation using mouse controls to exceed 90 degrees up/down)
  • Fix PNG texture transparency not working on MD5Mesh and OBJ models
  • Fix Kd (diffuse) value from MTL file being interpreted as ambient in illum 0 mode (OBJ model materials)
  • Fix OBJ group names not being read correctly for files with Windows line end characters

Version 0.3.66

February 7 2018 (Windows), February 11 2018 (macOS)

  • New scene management for visibility determination and collision:
    • Fix animated objects no longer updating after they move out of view
    • Fix objects becoming non-solid if an animation moves the object more than 30m away from the object's origin
    • Fix incorrect depth sorting of objects when using 3rd person or object cameras resulting in incorrect rendering of (semi-)transparent objects
    • Performance characteristics might be different. In general, performance is better for scenes with mostly static objects. Because moving objects that are out of view are now also updated correctly, this can lead to reduced performance in some cases.
  • Fix move/rotate commands on objects that are part of an object group
  • Fix depth sorting for objects that are part of an object group
  • Debug menu option to disable camera commands
  • Default renderer on Windows changed to Direct3D 11
  • Default renderer on Linux changed to OpenGL with shaders

Version 0.3.65

October 13 2017

  • MP3 sound support
  • Entry point world setting
  • Correctly stop sound sources when starting a new sound on the same object (Opus, Ogg Vorbis, MP3)

Version 0.3.64

September 27 2017

  • Fix incorrect near clipping plane on Direct3D 9 and 11 renderers
  • Fix spot lights not working properly on objects that use scale
  • Fix stereo WAV sound files not playing with 3D positioning
  • Fix typo in invitation accepted message
  • Map MD5 animation joints to mesh joints by name instead of relying on both files to have the same joint ordering

Version 0.3.63

September 10 2017

  • Add a horizontal separator line to chat when switching to a different world
  • Fix "solid no" command not having an immediate effect if the object is already being touched
  • Fix VP crashing without any notification
  • Fix all particle emitters in a selection being overwritten by the settings of the last selected particle emitter
  • Fix audio files with uppercase file extension not being recognized
  • Fix incorrect rotation applied for path animations
  • Fix loading of DDS textures without mipmaps
  • Fix reset rotation button not marking the object as changed, resulting in it not being saved properly unless other changes were made as well
  • Fix texture command on MD2 models
  • Hide user names for consecutive messages by the same user
  • Improve error handling in Direct3D device creation
  • Improve frame rate of web browser
  • Specific particle type for double sided flat panels
  • Support lower WAV sample rate (wind.wav seems to use 7333 Hz)
  • Support tag parameter for normalmap and specularmap commands

Version 0.3.62

July 9 2017

  • Particle spin support
  • Random start angle support for particle emitters
  • Flat panel type particles are now double sided
  • Fix sky blinking when world settings change
  • Fix double free in Ogg Vorbis reading code (possible crash when sound stops playing)

Version 0.3.61

May 13 2017

  • Gradient sky
    • Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 2.x renderer: Shader based per pixel calculated gradient, 2 cloud layers
    • Direct3D 9 and OpenGL 1.x/fixed function: Colored vertex based gradient, no cloud layers
  • Shader path for OpenGL and Direct3D 11 as config file option (opengl_shader_path and d3d11_shader_path)
  • Fix crash when texture file fails to load and is reported by the loading code as a 0x0 sized image
  • Fix sound attached to invisible object playing at (0, 0, 0)
  • Fix radius not being applied to non-streaming sound sources, resulting in them playing with unlimited range (WAV files)
  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Add English translation to make plurals work correctly ("n world(s)" becomes "n world" or "n worlds" based on the value of n)

Version 0.3.60

January 28 2017

  • Change default maximum for the visibility menu to 400m
  • Fix buffer mapping in OpenGL ES 2 renderer
  • Fix deadlock issue with light command when there is already a light attached to the object
  • Fix handling of connection error during sending (client sometimes didn't detect that the connection was dropped and didn't report a disconnect for this reason)
  • Fix index buffer initial data handling in OpenGL ES 2 renderer
  • Invite functionality
  • Loading status window available from debug menu
  • New world settings for quality setting recommendations: recommend_light_count and recommend_per_pixel_lighting. A warning will be shown when entering a world if the recommended requirements aren't met.
  • Radius parameter for sounds (the default is 50m)
  • Support specular lighting for positional lights in OpenGL with shader rendering

Version 0.3.59

January 8 2017

  • Fix disconnections due to issues in the network code
  • Fix illum command in OBM MTL files not working (illum 1 was always used)
  • Fix VBO's being leaked and recreated when MD5 meshes have multiple instances (OpenGL with shaders renderer)

Version 0.3.58

December 31 2016

  • Add buttons for account creation and recovery to login screen
  • Adjust light frustum culling to account for light brightness
  • Disable group index based tags for RWX models (conflicted with manually specified tags from the model file)
  • Fix crash when reading file from ZIP fails
  • Fix faces in OBJ file not being read correctly if there is more than one space between the "f" command and the first group of vertex indices
  • Fix handling of OBJ with indices higher than the maximum value of a 16-bit integer (ignore faces above this limit)
  • Fix loading of mask BMP files exported by Preview
  • Fix tab order in particle object editor
  • Fix unnecessary reloading of world with teleport command without parameters
  • Improve reading of data/long string fields in network protocol
  • Remove logging of camera commands to the chat
  • Save username and password functionality for Windows
  • Share MD5 mesh data between multiple instances of the same model
  • Support separate 3D positions for left and right audio channel of stereo sounds (assigned to named objects using leftspk=name and rightspk=name)
  • Updated Chromium Embedded Framework (internal browser) to 2883 branch
  • Updated Qt version bundled with VP on Windows to 5.7.1
  • World setting for run speed (run_speed, default 2.4)
  • World setting for walk speed (walk_speed, default 0.3)
  • World setting to enable/disable flying (allow_flying, default 1)

Version 0.3.57

November 3 2016

  • OBJ model support
  • Remove fade in of fire light fx
  • Support for using tag= to assign materials to named groups in OBJ and MD5 models
  • Windows raw mouse input (much better sample rate) and support for optional mouse filter
  • Fix crash when mask file failed to open
  • Fix incorrect rendering of concave quads from RWX models (like parch01.rwx) by tesselating them like other n-sided polygons
  • Fix loading of VPPTSV object group files with "inf" values in the RotationAngle field (this is used as a flag to signal that the Rotation X, Y and Z fields contain euler angles instead of an axis-angle rotation)
  • Fix loop not working for rotate command when time is specified without wait

Version 0.3.56

September 28 2016

  • Rotation angles in path object editor grid
  • Use a different way of creating the OpenGL context in the Qt 5 GUI (fixes keyboard focus issue in bug #129)
  • Sound volume setting
  • Fix OpenGL GPU based vertex skinning for MD5 models not working when EXT_gpu_shader4 is not available as an extension but the OpenGL version is 3.0 or higher
  • Fix URL's containing pipe characters not being saved because the character is not valid in a Windows file name
  • Fix crashing issues with v-sync on Mac OS X
  • Fix existing light not removed from object when replacement light is deemed "invisible" (bug #135)
  • Fix handling of commas and semicolons for quoted strings in action commands (fixes bug #106)
  • Fix loading of object path texture names containing slash or colon characters
  • Fix low frame rate in CEF web browsers
  • Fix object owner name of previously selected object not being cleared from the object properties window (fixes bug #133)
  • Fix too dark colors when sRGB OpenGL extensions are available but the framebuffer is not sRGB capable. Either shader based color conversion will be used or sRGB will be disabled

Version 0.3.55

September 12 2016

  • 64-bit version for Windows
  • Button to open storage folder in settings dialog
  • Chat color invert setting using Qt property in style sheet (old config file and command line options are removed, css property can be set like this: "ChatViewWidget { qproperty-invert_colors: true; }")
  • Cube3's VP UI themes bundled
  • Fix incorrect lighting for normal mapped materials on OpenGL with shaders renderer
  • Fix mask from last rendered object being applied to web overlay
  • Fix name persisting after being removed from action (bug #126)
  • Fix normal map texture specified in RWX file affecting world colors with renderers that don't support normal maps
  • Friends list sorting
  • Installer on Windows
  • Resize textures to power of 2 sizes disabled by default
  • Store cache and configuration file on Windows in local appdata folder
  • Style sheet option in configuration and settings dialog
  • Support for looping of sounds using Vorbis and Opus files
  • Use Windows Unicode file paths
  • Volume setting for sound and noise command (volume=0.5 makes the volume 50%, this can also be called without a sound name to change the volume of the currently playing sound on the target object)
  • World setting for disabling the debug menu (setting key allow_debug_menu)
  • World setting for visibility override (setting key override_visibility)

Version 0.3.54

August 6 2016

  • Sound support with 2D and 3D sound sources. Supported file formats are Ogg Vorbis, Opus and WAV (PCM only)
  • Camera command (attach camera to named objects)
  • Home key switches to first person camera
  • Fix group objects being assigned to wrong owner 0, making it impossible to use commands with name to refer to objects inside the group
  • Fix incorrect lighting for point lights
  • Fix light positions not updating for lights attached to invisible objects with move/rotate animations
  • Fix live updating of world light settings
  • Fix object editor not working for particle emitter objects on Mac OS X
  • Fix particles rendering up side down
  • Fix possible deadlock (client freezing) in adone trigger handling
  • Fix rotate command not having an implicit infinite wait time when an animation duration is specified (time=)

Version 0.3.53

June 28 2016

  • Object group loading using group command
  • Particle object editor UI (Windows and Linux)
  • Special optimization case for single particle sprite rendering using particle emitters (no vertex buffer updates for every frame necessary)
  • Spot lights

Version 0.3.52

June 12 2016

  • Add links to wiki and bug tracker to help menu
  • Create vertex buffers and textures from background threads with Direct3D 11 renderer when driver reports support, can be disabled with d3d11_concurrent_creates=0 setting
  • Fix crash when loading model list file containing empty lines
  • Fix crashing when world settings are received before renderer is initialized
  • Fix incorrect detection of GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 (for MD5 rendering using OpenGL)
  • Fix only first MD5 vertex weight being used when rendering with OpenGL shaders
  • Fix possible crash in mask bitmap loader
  • Fix world settings not loading properly
  • Mac OS X: Changed world list icons to match Windows/Linux version (and added 2x resolution version for retina displays)
  • Mac OS X: Disable pop-up button below users list if there is no selection
  • Mac OS X: Don't show users list context menu if there is no selection
  • Mac OS X: Fix broken MD5 rendering with Nvidia GPUs
  • Mac OS X: Fix crash after login if v-sync is enabled
  • Mac OS X: Remember username after successful login
  • Mac OS X: Show user ID in users list context menu
  • Mac OS X: Use max_fixed_visibility for visibility menu

Version 0.3.51

May 22 2016

  • Drop down list with auto-completion for model field in object properties (list can be loaded from a file from the right-click menu of the model field)
  • Faster maximum speed for camera rotation
  • Faster running acceleration when CTRL/Option is pressed
  • Fix crash in RWX loader with RWX files that combined many nested clumps and prototypes
  • Fix initial right click on friends list not selecting item (Mac OS X)
  • Fix look up/down/level menu items (Mac OS X)
  • Fix web views not working after a popup window is opened
  • GPU vertex skinning for OpenGL with shaders renderer (renders animated MD5 more efficiently)
  • Improved error messages at login screen (Mac OS X)
  • Live update support for world settings
  • Menu items to change camera mode (Mac OS X)
  • Pointing hand mouse cursor for activatable objects
  • Small performance improvements for MD5 mesh and animation loading
  • Support different mouse cursors for web overlay
  • Support server side univere start world setting
  • Tag support for ambient, diffuse, specular and opacity commands
  • TLS secure connection support
  • World setting skybox_extension to allow using non JPEG textures for skyboxes

Version 0.3.50

March 14 2016

  • Avatar animation with MD5 models
  • Changed walking speed behavior (go back to old behavior using old_walking_speed=1 setting)
  • Compile fewer shaders for OpenGL (duplicate vertex shaders for different light counts)
  • Don't reload world when joining someone in the same world
  • Fix avatar dialog crashing on Mac OS X
  • Fix freeze when loading MD5 animations
  • Fix object not being deleted if server rejects the new object
  • Fix terrain not rendering when a large terrain offset is set in world settings
  • GPU based MD5 animation when using Direct3D 11 renderer
  • Load configuration from "~/Library/Preferences/Virtual Paradise Preferences" on Mac OS X
  • Load fewer shaders for Direct3D 11 (duplicates vertex shaders for different light counts)
  • Position and rotation editing in object properties
  • Read avatar list from YAML file on the object path instead of world settings
  • VP About dialog

Version 0.3.49

January 2 2016

  • Disable GL_ALPHA_TEST in OpenGL renderer when when blending is disabled (potential performance improvement)
  • Fix crash when area gets unloaded while queries were still in progress for that area.
  • Fix delay in closing object properties window on Mac OS X
  • Fix double entries in user list after teleporting on Mac OS X
  • Fix hang on Mac OS X when other users change terrain
  • Fix possible crash or slowdown in MD2 rendering because of NaN values in the currentFrame variable (uninitialized memory).
  • Frame rate counter for Mac OS X
  • Handle Direct3D 11 shader loading errors without crashing
  • Join feature
  • Experimental MD5 model loading and animation
  • Say command
  • Show total number of worlds and users in world list header

Version 0.3.48

October 12 2015

  • Path objects and path command to make objects move along a path
  • Fix sRGB rendering not being detected correctly when using an OpenGL renderer
  • Fix application immediately closing without notice when there is an error during graphics initialization
  • Fix crash when creating a Direct3D 11 device object fails
  • Fix crash when Direct3D 9 initialization fails
  • Fix login error handling for errors other than incorrect password
  • Use a shader with a dynamic light count in Direct3D 11 mode when rendering for more than 8 lights
  • Full resolution rendering on retina Macs
  • Fix mouse look / freelook on secondary monitors (Mac OS X)
  • Easier to select particle emitter objects
  • Made black triangles for particle emitter selection non-solid
  • Fix slowdown in 3rd person camera mode with highly detailed avatars