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City of Virtual Paradise
  • graystripe
  • snowkitty24

April 18th, 2013

  • Iceman Administrative Government (2011)
  • Independent (2013-present)
Summerville's flag

Last revision 6/2/2018

Summerville's backstory

Summerville is a city within the world of Blizzard started, and mainly constructed by graystripe meant to recreate the past. Construction of VP-Summerville started in April of 2013 and properly established as a city in early 2016. Originally, it was founded as a tiny tourist building/roleplay community in AWTeen back in December of 2010. Pre-war Summerville had created a small community of its citizens being able to build, and role-play freely as they pleased. Summerville in the spring of 2011 became known for its weeks-long defense against vandalism attacks from the Icemen and ultimately contributed towards an end to of years of hacking and vandalism within the AW community. It eventually relocated over to Virtual Paradise nevertheless, as the fear of future griefing efforts never really died out until much later. The VP version of Summerville is themed vastly different from it's more famous counterpart, but otherwise retaining most of its original culture and community.

Summerville itself is regarded as an independent city with no ties to any established nation in the world.

2010 - 2011 Summerville Historical Website

The following website was made by RyanLennon at the time of Summerville's original existence in Active Worlds, AWTeen.

The website features some basic information and pictures Summerville before and during the "iceman war".


Notes about the website

  • Some of the dates listed for various builds are NOT 100% accurate
  • Changes to this website have been permanently ceased
  • If this website goes down for any reason, it is all properly archived, and any files within it have been saved.
  • All pictures shown are original



The current location of the VP-based Summerville is set up approximately 160 actual miles from the GZ for full building potential to be achieved without restrictions or limitations. It can be reached at the jump !j Summerville (10300X -17329Z)

City Points of Intrest

- City Hall Campus -

City Hall City Hall - !j SVCH

City Hall The White Star - !j The White Star

City Hall Gardens - !j svchg


- City Proper -

City Hall Central Park - !j Summerville

Victoria flag.png Victorian Republic Embassy - !j VRE

2013 District - !j old summerville

Union Station - !j union station

The World Center - !j world center

Summerville Creative Arts Center - !j svcac

Blizzard Trade Center - !j btc

Palmcourt Mall - !j palmcourt

DeLorean Motor Company HQ - !j dmc

Summerville Photo gallery


Contributers of Summerville

"All those who have helped contribute to Summerville's life in Virtual Paradise"


  • graystripe - Mayor and head builder
  • Snowkitty24 - Co-Mayor, contributed by building in Summerville
  • Ryanlennon - Contributed for the Stage in the Spring 2017 Awards, helped with other city concepts
  • reddragon - Built in Summerville, helped with refinement of already present buildings
  • OptimumPx - Constructed many buildings in Summerville
  • GSK - For letting Summerville be the hosting spot for the 2017 Spring Awards, and building in Summerville
  • Everyone who attended the 2017 Spring Awards in Summerville
  • Legion - Helped with Construction concepts
  • The Courier - Built the Victorian Embassy in Summerville
  • Alphaworldian - Built in Summerville
  • Last but not least, the whole community for supporting Summerville in one way or another


Note: If your name is not on this list and you deserve crediting, please contact me ASAP!

Mass Renovation Project

As of July 1st of 2016, Summerville is undergoing a massive renovation project, see more information below.

The 'old city'

While demonstrating low quality of build, the old city is however closely arranged to the original Summerville, retaining some original build quality and original builds like the location of the GZ, the presence and style of the wall behind the GZ, a (former) river north of the GZ, and the several houses lined up to the right of the GZ were all in pre-war Summerville one way or another.

Old Summerville's original fate was one of demolition, but after consideration, it became one of preservation. The old city itself has been walled in and will remain standing in the new city as an example to Summerville's intricate history. Since then the old city has been restored closely to its original look in 2013. Old Summerville can be visited at !j old summerville The GZ still being the jump has been converted into a small museum showing off a very brief history of Summerville from 2010 to present day.

The following are photos of the old city in various stages of its life

Pictures of the old city in 2013

Orginal Picture from 2013
  • Only known photograph taken from 2013

Orginal Demolition plan pictures in 2016

Shut Down Ditto Arial view of old city

  • it can be seen that a lot of the buildings original interiors were gutted and a building itself was taken down

Revival pictures of the old city

Orginal angle of 2013 picture Ground Zero Ground Zero Interior A Streetview Ditto Overview

  • All buildings have been more or less restored to 2013 condition

Mass Renovation Project Plans and Projected Goals

The basic outline of the renovation project is meant to reuse elements and builds of the old city and rebuild it to reflect a higher standard of quality and build. As well as introducing a very wide array of new buildings in a totally new look.

The projects main goal is to expand Summerville even greater than its original counterpart in AWTeen in 2010 - 2011. The original plans in AWTeen for Summerville was to make an extensively sized city that would not only offer the public building among the community, but to also look like, and feel like a functioning city, rather than a small town with few buildings. The original AWTeen Summerville had visions to also have extensively developed areas spanning over a decent land size, but they never came to be or were ever even planned out due to Summervilles premature death due to vandalism

A new standard of building quality is also another major goal of the project. The original building quality of Summerville in general in 2010 wasn't really the best, and it defiantly could have been improved at the time. The project is meant to take the quality above and beyond what Summerville ever had before. An example of what kind of quality will be present can be seen within the current City Hall (See picture above in upper right of page).

Another goal of the project is to bring back some builds original to Pre-war Summerville constructed in 2010 - 2011. It will not only bring back these old builds but also expand and improve upon them. Such examples have not yet been started or thought of at the time of writing, but far future buildings will introduce the new concept.

"When will the Renovation Project be deemed finished?"

The end of the project will not be the end of development and growth in Summerville, the Renovation Project is meant to get Summerville to a sustainable size, establishing key city areas, and key city buildings, as well as proper areas of plots of land that people may build in. While these key areas and buildings have not be planned yet, there is a whole list that could be made of things a city has and needs to seem realistic

There won't be a true ending to Summerville's development, and if there is, it will be in the far future.

Renovation Project Updates and Timeline

(This timeline will be updated regularly until the renovation project is deemed finished)


-Project started July 1st, 2016-

City Hall building starts construction in the renovation project and will be the general city center. The general area of the campus and the shell of City Hall also laid out. (7/1/2016)

  • Shell of City Hall, and campus general layout complete (7/4/2016)
  • Interior work of City Hall begun (7/12/2016)

-- Several months of construction downtime due to unforeseen consequences (August - November) -- Planning still being done in downtime

  • Construction started up again mid-Novmeber (11/23/2016)
  • City Hall undergoes cosmetic, and small campus layout changes (11/26/2016)
  • Currently the streets around City Hall, the City Hall interior, and the rest of the City Hall campus is still undergoing completion.

More streets and other buildings have begun the planning process (11/28/2016)

  • Secondary City Hall campus building shells both finished (took long enough) (11/29/2016)
  • More road work (11/30/2016)
  • Finalized City Hall teleport point + City Hall sign (14/2/2016)
  • Even more road work
  • Interior work on City Hall has started (work on interior will be on and off) (12/4/2016)
  • Something special has started construction in one of the City Hall secondary buildings (12/7/2016)
  • The Special thing has been deemed a restaurant on the City Hall campus.
  • Still needs a name. (12/13/16)
  • Summerville GZ has begun early planning stages (12/14/16)
  • More GZ planning (12/20/16)
  • Restaurant on campus deemed The White Star (12/26/16)
  • Period of downtime over. Downtime caused by school and real life things going on (2/14/17)
  • Spring Awards stage set up in city hall (2/15/17)
  • Final decisions will be made soon about old Summerville (2/16/17)
  • Old Summerville has been walled in and will stay standing (2/17/17)
  • GZ/Central Park started (2/19/17)
  • GZ/Central park progress made (2/26/17
  • Misc. minor City Hall construction/improvements (3/5/17)
  • More Summerville downtime due to personal reasons (3/18/17)
  • Planning will still continue

-- Downtime spanned from early March to early June --

  • Development started up again
  • Road expanding/work East of City Hall, New building growth at the East end (6/6/17)
  • Beginning of proper stores in downtown area (6/8/17)
  • Work on major building planning has begun. (6/13/17)
  • Added proper cornerstone on the stairs to city hall (6/14/2017)
  • Interior work on city hall (6/25/2017)
  • More road planning and building construction (6/26/2017)


  • Major general city work ( August - October )
  • While the logging period for the renovation plan has concluded, as the city has been well enough established, it is still an ongoing effort. that can be seen dynamically change in world.