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Citizen of United States of America USA.gif
Aliases gray / graystripe / graystripe2821 / gaystripe(?)
Status "Ready to cry"
Citizen Since April 13th, 2013
Citizen Number(s) 210
Location Iowa
Favorite Avatar(s) Robot avatar / My messed up test avatar
Favorite World Blizzard
Favorite Build New Huntington/Downtown Blizzard
Personal Website N/A


Originated from Active Worlds Europe (AWE) at around late 2005

Met Ryanlennon in a world called Eddsdream

Migrated to AWTeen on AW back in 2007 alongside RyanLennon as tourists.

No idea what happened between these

Went on to create Summerville alongside Ryan in 2010.

Spent a couple of years in AWTeen, and eventually met Snowkitty24 and reddragon in 2008 and 2011.

Stopped building in AWTeen when popularity decreased in 2012

Visited AWTeen frequently early 2013 for a short while but it became very sparse

Still goes on AWTeen/AW rarely from time to time to view things currently present day

Joined VP as a citizen in 2013 with little building/online activity initially somewhat alongside Snowkitty24

Started VP Summerville in 2013 and built throughout mid-2014.

Spent awhile of little building\online activity for the rest of 2014

Started up building of VP Summerville again with Snowkitty24 in 2015.

(The rest of Summerville's history beyond 2015 is documented on Summerville's page)

Still an active member (from time to time) of Virtual Paradise today

Community Positions


Real life Facts

  • Born April 25th
  • Male
  • Out of high school and ready to cry
  • Mentally twelve years old
  • Literally has no idea what to do with his life
  • gay
  • has a really messed up sleeping schedule sometimes
  • distracted by literally anything

Other Information



Skype: graystripe2821

Discord server:

Note: my first preferred method of contact would be on Steam or Discord

People who call me gaystripe

  • Legion
  • GC
  • Snowkitty24

Literally anyone on anything