Tower of Terror

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Tower of Terror
Located in multiple worlds






Start Date

August 2016

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Tower of Terror refers to a series of thrill rides created by GSK. Tower of Terror takes place in an abandoned elevator located inside The Hollywood Tower Hotel, an elaborate facade created to house the ride and its operations systems. According to the back story, riders are placed inside a seemingly ordinary hotel elevator, from which people mysteriously disappeared under the influence of a supernatural element many years prior. Since 2013, the methods used to develop the attraction are collectively referred to as the TX ride system.

Tower of Terror: The Definitive Edition

Main article: Tower of Terror: The Definitive Edition

Tower of Terror: The Definitive Edition is an attraction developed by GSK for Blizzard, and is the fifteenth generation of the series. The Definitive Edition introduces new technologies and development methods powered by the upgraded TX2 ride system (first introduced in 2013 with the tenth generation), and is exclusive to Virtual Paradise.

Tower of Terror: Untold Stories

Main article: Tower of Terror: Untold Stories

Tower of Terror: Untold Stories is an entirely new experience developed by GSK, and is the fourteenth generation of the series. Whereas Tower of Terror Remastered was ported and upgraded in quality from ActiveWorlds, and had been in use since 2013 and therefore subject to that platform's restrictions, Untold Stories is developed exclusively for Virtual Paradise from the ground up. Untold Stories is located in Airpark, and currently consists of three attractions in one: Untold Stories, After Dark, and ‘’Cabin Fever’’, with the latter two only available during Halloween and Christmas, respectively.

Tower of Terror Remastered

Main article: Tower of Terror Remastered

Tower of Terror Remastered was a port of the attraction from ActiveWorlds, where it existed prior to August 2016. For its move to Virtual Paradise, its lobby and show scenes were remastered in high definition to take advantage of Virtual Paradise's numerous benefits. It was made obsolete in 2017 with the opening of Tower of Terror: Untold Stories.