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Event set and handler snippet

vp_event_set(instance, VP_EVENT_AVATAR_CHANGE, event_avatar_change);

void event_avatar_change(VPInstance instance) { }

This event is received when a client changes their position or type, typically through movement or teleportation within the Virtual Paradise client.


Attribute Usage
VP_AVATAR_SESSION Session ID of changing client
VP_AVATAR_TYPE Unused - Client's current avatar
VP_AVATAR_NAME Name of changing client
VP_AVATAR_X Client's new X coordinate
VP_AVATAR_Y Client's new Y coordinate
VP_AVATAR_Z Client's new Z coordinate
VP_AVATAR_PITCH Client's new pitch rotation
VP_AVATAR_YAW Client's new yaw rotation


  • This event is always sent to all clients in the same world, regardless of the receiver's position relative to the source.


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