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Paintball is a world for a project, tentatively code-named Project Paradise, originally inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series, with some twists and differences that originally set it apart. The project started on August 23, 2013 and is currently in progress. The project's manager is JP. The project has more recently changed into a brand new idea, which may eliminate the paintball theme all together. However it could branch into two separate projects as well. Considering the project VPGTA has taken place, it is unlikely the grand theft auto theme will be resumed.



  • JP
    • Lead Programmer
    • Project Manager
  • Tom
    • Level Designer
    • Artist/Modeler
  • Legion
    • Level Designer
    • Director of Public Relations
    • Project Secretary


Modern Day Vice City Map

This idea has been abandoned, however other ideas are being pursued. Read more to find out.

Space Theme

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