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Googl revolutionized the emerging Giant Box® industry. Great challenges were presented to the early engineers assigned to sort them. Those who succeeded were deemed "nerds" and thrown into the already sorted boxes, which were destroyed in a blast furnace.

Googl Research and Development is a company founded by Club Alpha in AWTeen, circa 2005, to develop new building techniques and methods of reducing cell space usage. It is run by Demon Dog, who adopted the job title Supreme Commander from Club Alpha.


The word Googl (pronounced goy gull (as of quite recently)) was derived from googol, referring to the large number of buildings in Googl II and the rate they were being built.

Googl is an inclusive term referring to Googl Research and Development, marked settlements, outposts, embassies, offices, graveyards, waste dumps, bunkers, and workplaces.


Googl was once a tourist town under a tiny hill. After an encounter with vandals a makeshift above-ground city was constructed nearby. Retroactively named Googl II to distinguish it from the destroyed town, it came to have transportation and economic qualities on par with a South African village, and a population of 6. In the latest stage of development, before its residents immigrated to become citizens, the Club Alpha Pyramid was built and used for several weeks.


  • Doing Science and Still Alive
    • Demon Dog - Supreme Commander (Office: Googl Complex)
  • Inactive
    • Koll - Demographics Consultant (Office: Vault 256)
    • nwasells - Vice President of Marketing (Office: AJCC/Circle City)
  • On Executive Leave
  • Money Will Be Awarded For Finding
    • Adam - Creative Consultant (Office: Not assigned.)
    • Gnu64 - 3D Modelling (Office: Ground Zero Media Building 3)

Googl Pyramid

The Googl Pyramid and it's surrounding structures form the core research and development areas, as well as the headquarters of Googl R&D. Once a vibrant hub of enlightenment, it is now a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and also a thrift store and landfill. It is located near Googl 10, a failed attempt at a planned and enclosed community, and west of Googl's HQ and Ground Zero.


  • Alternate Joint Command Center: The heavily fortified bunker is located underneath a perfectly ordinary café, which is buried in a mountain far north of most of Googl. It devolved from a simple, practical fallout shelter into a parody of at least three movies.
    The Googl Café
    • Vault 386: AJCC data storage and fallout shelter. Destroyed.
  • GETS: The Googl Expansive Tunnel System lies 200 meters below ground, providing housing and food storage for emergencies.
    • Vault 256: GETS living area, fallout shelter, data storage. Office of [͞'͠'name͝ ͢red̶ac̡tęd͟]̨ located here.
  • Googl Confyramid: Googl operates a great many conference centers, including this perfectly ordinary one that contains absolutely no secret rooms.
  • Googl Complex: Located somewhere in AWTeen, this is the latest in a long line of identical glass pyramids. Operated by Demon Dog.
  • Googl Commyramid: Command and diplomatic center for conducting military and political functions.
  • Googl International Conference Center: The giant box shaped building south of the Googl Mountain, for meetings.
  • Googl Mountain: Home of the KARMA supercomputer, and the original Googl R&D Headquarters.
Bomb Shelter: A heavily fortified fallout shelter that lies under 60 meters of packed earth and is completely indestructible. Destroyed.

Common Construction Motifs

  • Pyramids: Pyramids play a crucial role in architecture, as their distinctive shape provides brand recognition and answers the age-old question: "Will an egg balanced on a sloped roof during the equinox still explode when exposed to high voltage electric current?" Interestingly, the answer is no.
  • Tunnels: These allow easy access to the oft-used fire exits convenient access to maintenance areas and shelters. Often extending over thousands of kilometers, they are well known for industry-leading safety records.
  • Shelters: One of the goals of Googl is to find new ways of building. Expanding underground keeps the horizon visible at all times., so potential investors feel less claustrophobic and trapped.
  • Outposts: Outposts are numbered buildings, delicately perched in the cracks between properties in several public building worlds.

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