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Q: How do I move?

A: Movement is as follows:

Forward - W, Up Arrow

Back - S, Down Arrow

Strafe Left - A

Strafe Right - D

Turn Left - Left Arrow

Turn Right - Right Arrow

Look Up - Pgup

Look Down - Pgdown

Fly Up - +

Fly Down - -

Enable Mouselook - Middle Mouse Button (Scroll Wheel)

Q: All I see are a bunch of Triangles!

A: Your connection is slow, give it a minute and the assets will rez.

Q: Can I create my own world?

A: No

Q: I'm Lost

A: Type !jump gz

What Locations are Available on Blizzard?

A: See: http://server.virtualparadise.org:7777/jumps

Q: How do I Build?

A: Building is handle through commands and object duplication. Go to the Object Yard to see what objects can be copied. There are also many texture examples laying around.