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Citizen of United States of America USA.gif
Aliases Nikki
Status Hurry up and take your time.
Citizen Since September 21, 2012
Citizen Number(s) 158
Location Pennsylvania
Favorite Avatar(s) Birde
Favorite World Blizzard
Favorite Build
Personal Website

VP Stalkers

  • GC
  • Legion

Community Positions


  • Blizzard
    • Object Yard
    • Texture Yard
    • Mask Yard
    • VPSchool

Honors and Awards

  • Royal Troll Badge of Palmshire - Presented by the reigning monarch of Palmshire, the Duke of Rockford (Legion) on 17 June 2011.

Real Life

  • Paintball
  • MUST have Mountain Dew at all times
  • Rochester Institute of Technology - New York; CAD/Civil Engineering & Accounting