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Key Description Possible Values
host Universe server host name default:
max_fixed_visibility Configurable maximum fixed visibility in configuration file (example: max_fixed_visibility=400 adds menu items up to 400 meters) Must be manually added
maxfps Maximum number of frames per second if the limiter is enabled Positive integers (default: 100)
maxtexsize Maximum width or height of textures(only effective on Mac OS X version of VP) Positive integers, preferably a power of 2(default: 2048)
maxviewdistance Maximum view distance to use when it is set to automatic(in meters) Positive integers above the value of minviewdistance (default: 200)
minviewdistance Minimum view distance to use when it is set to automatic(in meters) Positive integers above 30 (default: 60)
namefontsize Font size of avatar names Positive integers (default: 12)
namefontaa Anti-alias fonts for avatar names 0(default) or 1
renderer The renderer module to use for 3D rendering
  • 0: Fixed Function OpenGL
  • 1: OpenGL with pixel/fragment shaders
  • 2: Direct3D 9, fixed function pipeline (default)
  • 3: Direct3D 11
resize_images (resize_textures on Mac OS X with version 0.3.32) Resize textures to a power of 2 size before handing it to the renderer module. If your GPU and drivers support non power of 2 textures, setting this to 0 will give higher quality textures and use less memory 0 or 1(default)
signfontantialias Anti-alias fonts for signs 0(default) or 1
signfontsize Font size to use for signs Positive integers (default: 12)
startworld Start world name

For example:

  • Blizzard
  • Mars
  • VP-Build (default)
disable_bgra Use RGBA textures instead of BGRA textures(default 0) 0(default) or 1
proxytype Type of proxy to use Empty value or:
  • SOCKS4
proxyhost Hostname of the proxy server
proxyport Port to connect to proxy server
disable_ext_framebuffer_object Disable EXT_framebuffer_object OpenGL extension, don't use unless the extension is broken on your system 0(default) or 1
alpha_to_coverage Enables alpha to coverage mapping, which reduces transparent overdraw errors 0 (default) or 1
username The username to appear in the login prompt
password The password to appear in the login prompt
inactivefps Sets the frame rate to be used when the application is not focused